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About Us

About Us

Cocomi is the leading e-commerce platform for timepieces and jewellery in Singapore. We currently carry 5 main brands, namely Olivia Burton, Timberland, BERING, Coach and Klasse14.

Our Roots

Founded by the Norbreeze Group in 2014, an expert in watches and jewellery, Cocomi is a seamless online extension of Norbreeze Group’s luxury retail shopping experience, and is committed to offer the best-in-class online shopping experience focused on customer service.

Our Mission

We believe style and fashion need not be expensive - luxury watches and jewellery can be accessible for everyone to complete their outfit of the day. In line with our belief, we strive to bring up-and-coming international brands right up to your doorstep.

Our Promise

The luxury market has many counterfeit products and they can be difficult to differentiate from the genuine. All our products are guaranteed 100% authentic and come with free shipping island-wide.