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The story and journey to success as one of the world’s leading fashion apparel brand started in the year 1952, which was when Nathan Swartz bought an interest from Abington Shoe Company. He then bought all interest of the company in the year 1955, Swartz also let his sons into the business and they made and manufactured shoes for about a decade.


It was the Swartz family who introduced the "injection-molding technology" in the industry of shoemaking. It was in the year of 1970 when the brand name "Timberland" was first introduced and it became a very well-known and a trusted brand in the world of footwear. It was under that company name that they launched the very first guaranteed waterproof boots.


Years passed and Timberland is not only a name for shoes, boots and other quality footwear. The company ventured into other markets like kids’ apparel, women’s and men’s clothing, bags, accessories and jewelries. Timberland is an American brand with a New England heritage. This name is already known worldwide and when people hear "Timberland", they think of stylish and quality products, the only kind that this company manufactures. Timberland is now a big company that has a lot of other brands under its umbrella.


Timberland is among the many brands that we have partnered with. Timepieces from Timberland can now be checked out here at COCOMI. To be exact, we have fifty-eight men’s and unisex watches with this brand that you can now shop. These time telling devices came from a lot of different collections that Timberland launched, these are made with quality leather and steel for the straps and are available in different colors. High quality photographs of these watches from Timberland are available at our site for you to clearly see even the tiniest details of these watches.

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