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Cocomi Kiap Kiap - Your Guilt Free UFO Catcher. Stand a chance to win mystery gift and vouchers!
New Year New Styles

New Year New Styles

New year, new start… and brand new styles! There’s no better occasion to rethink your wardrobe than the beginning of a new year. As we crossover to another exciting year, it’s time to let go of pant suits, the glitter and shimmer, and logo tees. From classic denims, patent leather to colour blocking, there’re so many new styles ready to dominate the new year.
To prepare you, we’ve rounded up some of the fashion trends that defines 2018. Scroll down to find out how to wear these new fashion favourites with our classic timepieces.
Classic Denim
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The design for longevity, one can never go wrong with denim. Casual and chic at the same time, simply put on your favourite pair of boyfriend jeans, or an oversized denim jacket, and you’re all set to head out and enjoy your day. 
Go old-school altogether with our Timberland Walden Men’s Watch in Black, a sturdy and durable classic design that makes it the go-to accessory for any vintage denim outfit.

Get Glossy
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Seeing more of these glossy coats and shiny shoes? No longer just the iconic attire in The Matrix, or outfits you only see on fashion runways, these patent leather fashion pieces are prepared to be the fashion statement in the new year.

Pair it with our Daniel Wellington Classic Cornwall in Black that features its NATO straps, its all-black design makes it an easy match to any ‘glossy’ outfit.

Colour Block
CR: PinterestCR: Pinterest

The rule-of-thumb for colour-blocking is to restrain to only three colours.

If you’re still loving your colour-block outfits in 2018, our BERING Classic Women’s Watch 10126-402 is the perfect accessory for you. Elegant in black and white, this monochrome classic easily matches any colour of your choice, and any look of the day.

Which is your favourite 2018 trend?
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