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Instagram Photo Hacks

Instagram Photo Hacks

Impromptu candid shots, casual selfies and perfectly cropped landscapes, Instagram has taken over the world and it is impossible
to go through your Instagram feed without seeing a handful of curated Instagram images.

Celebrities, influencers and models have made the perfect Instagram images look effortless with their super chic poses and style.
All these may seem difficult for us regular folks to pull them off, but fret not, we’re here to help.

On Stand Still

Don’t mind me, I’m just standing here doing my ‘thang. Tilting your head with one arm up is model-approved and instantly chic. 
Add an arm candy to up your style level.

(Image credits: @Luckybsmith)

Tuck It In

We know it gets fairly awkward to take photos of yourself. Here’s an easy tip for you – look away from the camera and gently
tuck a strand of hair behind your ear.

Take the attention off you with a stunning rose gold timepiece and you’re ready for a picture perfect shot, as easy as abc.

(Image credits:

Keeping It Real

We promise our tips will be easy, so here’s one that requires minimal posing. In fact, you don’t have to do anything. Just chill,
relax and let your budding Instagram photographer do the work.

Look casually chic with tinted eyewear and classic leather timepiece in black.

(Image credits: @olesjaswelt)

Tough Love

Flaunt it, if you have it! We’ve kept it pretty conservative till this point, but here’s an opportunity to show off some skin if you like.
Not to worry, you don’t have to twist yourself into a pretzel for this shot, a simple pose and a picturesque backdrop will do the trick.
Opt for an all-black men’s watch to toughen up your look.

(Image credits: @danielwellington)

Hey, Kiddo

Just because you've got a little one that doesn't mean you can't strike a pose for your Instagram fans. If anything, show off your
off-duty look and double your likes with that cutie in tow.

(Image credits: @bluecollarprep)

Opt for these stunning watches to up your Instagram game!
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