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Going Floral this Christmas!

This Christmas, change things up a little by going floral! Olivia Burton has collaborated with local fashion illustrator Grace Ciao, who often draws her inspiration from the beauty she finds in nature. As flower illustrations continue to be Grace’s forte, we are proud to present a beautiful floral extravaganza. We speak to her to find out more about her love for flowers, and why she absolutely loves Olivia Burton!

     1. Do share with us more about your fascination with flowers and what they mean to you?

I feel that flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts to the world. Most flowers aren’t even bigger than a palm, but each has so much detail in them; from the shape of the petals to their different colours. Flowers also invite the various senses to explore their beauty.

I love being able to feel the powdery petals beneath my fingertips and breathe in their sweet scent on top of just appreciating their visual appeal. There’s so much beauty encapsulated in one single bloom, yet they tragically do not last long. They are my reminder to slow down and be thankful for the little things in life; that every moment, however short, can be beautiful and should be treasured.

2. What are your thoughts on Olivia Burton’s watches?

I like fuss-free designs, so the watches’ minimalist aesthetics and attention to detail on their decorated dials appeal to me. My personal favourites have to be those that are inspired by nature, especially the floral ones!

The floral dials are stunning and it’s refreshing to see how a simple flower can be reinterpreted in different ways, from 3D designs to lace and marbles. Having a small piece of art on my wrist also helps me put things into perspective – that not everything that’s beautiful needs to be big; beauty can be found in small and unassuming places too.

3. Please share with us more about the watch that you picked from Olivia Burton – what drew you to it?

I picked the Parlour Bee Blooms in gold. It was a no brainer for me to go for one of the Parlour designs with their illustrated floral dials. It offers me that extra small thrill as a watercolour illustrator to have something related to my work on my wrist. And the flowers are just gorgeous! I love the classy warmth of rose gold and the elegant grey it’s paired with. It’s a watch I can see myself wearing. I wear a lot of white and other feminine pastel colours, so the watch matches easily into my wardrobe. It goes with a flowy dress or my basic white blouse and jeans combo.

4. Given that it’s Christmas, who would you gift an Olivia Burton watch to?

I will definitely give it to a nature and fashion-lover. Olivia Burton would be a good fit for ladies who appreciate feminine and classy designs. The elegantly muted colours are easy to match as well.

View her video below: