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Gifts for Your Unique Mum

Celebrate Mum’s timeless love with a unique timepiece this Mother’s Day! We have four carefully curated timepieces for every type of mum. Which piece would your leading lady like? 


The Chic Mum

The Chic Mum exudes inimitable elegance. A stunning complement to her distinct style, choose a

timepiece in classic Milanese strap dressed in rich, distinct colours for a brilliant pop of colour. Très chic!


The Classy Mum

Classy does not always mean boring. If Mum embraces timeless sophistication while keeping up to date

with the latest trends, opt for a classic BERING number in an irresistible shade of shiny silver for the

perfect complement to Mum’s never-ending wardrobe of the most stylish threads.  



The Minimalistic Mum

If your Mum’s mantra is “less is more”, think sleek lines and a classic watch face in classic tones for

a winning timepiece addition to her ensemble. Want to add a playful twist to Mum’s usual minimalistic getup?

Go for a larger watch face to make a bold fashion statement, or opt for a design with polished rose gold

accents to add an understated shine to Mum’s overall look.  


The Trendsetter Mum

Find yourself constantly heading to Mum’s closet for SOS fashion backup? Chances are, your mum is 
The Trendsetter Mum - bold, daring, and at the forefront of every fashion trend. Treat Mum with a 
best-selling piece from BERING that for instant arm swag (that might just end up back on your wrist).