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Get the look: Film Legends

The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, and with A-listers, film icons, and top directors coming together from all over the world to celebrate good films of all genres, it is little wonder that it has been lauded as one of the most - if not the most - prestigious international film festivals in the world.

Amidst the glitz and glamour, we’ve zoomed in on some of our absolute favourite past Cannes Best Actors and Actresses who send fans and spectators into a fashion-induced tizzy whenever hitting the red carpet or rocking casual everyday looks off-duty. Scroll down to recap their fashion wins, paired with specially curated watches to complete these looks. Ladies and gentlemen, watch and learn.


Rooney Mara

    Winning work: Carol

    Year of win: 2015

    Rooney Mara is no stranger when it comes to the list of hot fashion icons. The Carol star’s signature vampy red lips and slick style is striking yet sensuous, making her the paramount style icon of edgy meets effeminate. We especially love how she pairs gothic, flirty lace pieces with an arresting dark palette, creating an androgynous, mysterious assemblage for the red carpet.


    The actress pulling off the sensual sheer dress look with this see-through ensemble.


    Now you see it, now you don’t: Mara in a lacy cream dress with a dangerously sexy thigh-high slit.


    Mara in a slinky, all-black gown with plunging neckline, complete with a slick hairdo.


    Mara rocking a slick, androgynous co-ord and finishing the look with a pulled back hairstyle.


    Get the look: What better way to emulate Mara’s bold and edgy sense of style than to don an oversized men’s watch? Think big and monochrome when adding the finishing touches to your Mara-inspired getup.



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    Julianne Moore

    Winning work: Maps to the Stars

    Year of win: 2014

    Julianne Moore is undisputedly the epitome of timeless beauty. Classy and sophisticated, Moore’s abiding sense of style transcends any fad and fashion. Let’s be real - who wouldn’twant to age as gracefully as the Maps to the Stars actress?

    Moore’s penchant for glitzy, sparkly gowns when walking the red carpet shows off her confident femininity with a hint of girly playfulness. This gorgeous mother of two just wants to have fun!


    Moore wore a form-fitting feather-embellished gown at the Golden Globe Awards in 2015, bedazzling us with her million dollar smile and amazing figure.


    The actress in a glittery deep-V fringe dress, once again enchanting us with her charm and charisma.


    Moore exuded elegance within simplicity with an immaculate couture white dress, complete with an iridescent assortment of jewel embellishments.


    Get her look: Girl, don’t hide your shine. Show off that sequinned top you’ve been saving in your wardrobe for special occasions and watch heads turn in your direction. To top off your look, opt for these luxe pieces with rich silver and gold accents and SWAROVSKI crystals for extra lustre.



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    Benicio del Toro

    Winning work: Che

    Year of win: 2008

    Guys, we hear you! Enter Benicio Del Toro – acting extraordinaire and star of countless blockbusters, incuding Star Wars: The last Jedi, Thorand Guardians of the Galaxy. On top of an impressively wide variety of movie roles under his belt, the looker has also been spotted sporting various styles on and off screen, earning him an additional title of fashion icon.

    On days when he’s not walking the red carpet, Del Toro serves us with his timeless signature suave look – a leather biker jacket carelessly thrown over a basic tee.


    All spruced up: the actor at the Oscars, in a spiffy suit and bowtie combo.


    Del Toro showing off his signature rugged look, complete with a trusty leather jacket.


    Del Toro switching things up with a crisp white shirt paired with a dark leather blazer, elevating his signature look from casual to runway-worthy.


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    These film legends shine both on and off reel with their acting chops and exquisite sartorial choices. Which styles and watches caught your eye?