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Get Back in the Game

From Christmas to Chinese New Year, it’s been a few fab months of festive feasting. Cracking your heads in to find the most effective ways to shed those extra calories you have gained? Grab a pen and note these down, as we have prepared several exercise options you could explore. Let the post- feasting workout begin!

Hit the Waters

Nothing beats hitting the waters when it comes to working out. Trim those calories by opting for a dip in the pool, or get vigorous with your friends for a row in the waters.


Keep track of time and in the meanwhile enjoy a great time in the waters without having to worry about drenching and damaging your watch with these waterproof classic timepieces from BERING.


Power Up

Gather your family or a group of friends, and get your hearts pumping with power yoga, aerobics or Zumba.


Stay fuss-free (and stylish) as you work those moves with these super-sleek and lightweight timepieces from the Max Rene collection. Wouldn’t want to miss your next workout class!


Go Recreational

Catch some sunshine, enjoy the fresh air, and burn those calories while rollerblading or cycling. Take pleasure in doing these exercises alone or get motivated by tagging a friend along.


Sturdy, slip-free, and durable, these Timberland timepieces make the best workout accessory as you sweat it out. Stay right on track of time and make these watches your go-to pieces the next time you head out for a ride.


Which workout would you start with?