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Festive Outfits: Christmas

Festive Outfits: Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s time to plan your outfits for all the parties you’re going!

Be it a casual hangout with your close buddies, or a dinner and dance party to attend, this holiday season is the perfect excuse to dress up and look your best for the occasion. While some love to get dressy, there are those who tend to opt for something more casual and comfortable. So get yourself ready as we’ve got you covered with three different styles that will go perfectly well together with our classic timepieces.

Which outfit would you be wearing?

Keep It Casual

                                                                        Cr: Pinterest

Not a fan of heels or anything too over-the-top? Put on your favourite pair of denim, a simple top, paired together with our BERING Ceramic 30534-742 Women’s Watch, for that pop of style and you’re all ready to head out and feast.

Glow and Glamour

                                                                       Cr: Pinterest

Some just love to go for that glitter and glamour during the Christmas season with their fun and fancy outfits. Look your best with our Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Sterling Silver – adding that touch of elegance with its silvery mesh strap, this classic timepiece is the perfect watch to go with any outfit of your choice.

Suit Up

                                                                 Cr: Pinterest

Sometimes you just want to get rid of the skirts and dresses for a sophisticated pair of trouser or one-piece suit. Look smart with our Daniel Wellington Classic Cuff Silver, a minimalistic classic accessory suitable for both men and women, which makes the perfect partner to achieve that classy look.

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