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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is approaching, and yes, there is a limit to how many “I [heart] YOU DAD” or “World’s Best Dad” plaques you can get for the most important guy in your life. Switch it up this year and show your dad some love and gratitude with a timeless gift – something he’d truly be glad to receive. Check out these watches for daddy dearest!


1.   The Trendy Dad – David Beckham, 42

Chances are, The Trendy Dad has probably already worked his way into the latest fashion fad before you have. A style chameleon and fearless trendsetter, he is well-dressed 24/7, whether in his understated tee from an underground label while going about his daily grind, or in his posh weekend wear spending quality time with his kids.

When it comes to hot, trendy dads, David Beckham makes it the top of our style list. The father of four is renowned for his superb sense of style, and is always spotted switching things up while out with his family. Football star or fashion icon? We vote yes to both!



Match this style:


The Trendy Dad would appreciate this all-black number, the perfect companion to any outfit. The classy black dial takes on a refreshing laidback twist with matching black NATO straps. Watch this evolve into dad’s new go-to watch, accompanying him through his weekend errands to his daily weekday grind.

DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Black Cornwall Men’s Watch Rose-Gold, S$279.00



2.   The Rugged Dad – Channing Tatum, 37

This is the type of dad that wakes up way before the morning alarm and shoves the entire family for weekend hikes, cycling trips and more outdoor adventures. To him, nothing beats soaking up the sun and being one with the elements. If your dad loves keeping fit and being out in the wild, you probably got yourself a Rugged Dad.

We believe we have the undisputed winner – Channing Tatum is the ripped, rugged dad. The Magic Mike star was seen surviving out in the wilderness in the series Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and wait, was he even enjoyingit? Take a peep at this hot dad – we promise we wouldn’t tell.



Match this style:


Water-resistant, outdoor tested and designed for functionality – the perfect watch for the Rugged Dad, this TIMBERLAND watch was built to resist the elements, and will weather through any adventure with your dad.

TIMBERLAND Brattleboro Men’s Watch Grey, S$173.40



3.   The Classy Dad – Pierce Brosnan, 64

Showing us what it means to age like fine wine, the Classy Dad is stylish, sophisticated, and only gets better with time.  

One best-in-class example? Pierce Brosnan. The former James Bond star is already well into his 60s but still manages to ooze that on-screen charm with each dapper wardrobe change. Well-cut shirts, spiffy suits and even casual bermudas for that breezy, tropical vacation vibe? This gentleman has it all covered.



Match the style:


Think classic – a timeless eggwhite dial encrusted in a rose gold bezel, matched with a nautical-inspired NATO strap. Originally made for NATO troops (hence its name), the NATO strap is popular with top watchmakers and was coincidentally made popular in the original Bond movie.

DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Glasgow Men’s Watch Rose-Gold, S$279


What type of dad do you have? Shop the perfect timepiece for him here:



From Left to RightDANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Black Cornwall Men’s Watch Rose-Gold S$279.00, TIMBERLAND Brattleboro Men’s Watch Grey S$173.40, DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic Glasgow Men’s Watch Rose-Gold S$279



From Left to RightBERING Classic 10542-404 Men's Watch S$479.00,BERING Classic 11939-079 Men's Watch S$185.40,BERING Classic 11939-226 Men's Watch S$309.00



From Left to RightBERING Classic 13738-404 Men's Watch S$299.00, BERING Classic 13841-702 Men's Watch S$329.40,DANIEL WELLINGTON Classic York Men's Watch Rose-Gold S$319.00