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Classy meets modern minimalism

Classy meets modern minimalism

Introducing the Classic Petite Bondi – this season’s no. 1 must-have for any get up.

This pristine, immaculate white-on -white number will rest delicately on any wrist perfectly. Its fresh snow white leather strap is made from luxe Italian leather, matched with an eggshell white dial and encrusted in a silver or rose-gold bezel for an effortlessly stylish and sophisticated look.

The ultra-thin frosty timepiece is characterised by its clean, slick design, and measures a mere 6mm – where timeless elegance meets modern minimalism. Tres chic! Who could resist this pearlescent head turner? Versatile and effortlessly classy, the Petite Bondi will complement any ensemble – from your weekday tailored dresses to your dress down weekends in loose tees and denims.  Without further ado, let’s take a moment to enjoy the opulence of this lustrous timepiece.



As seen on @kendalljenner


Image Credits: @lilynatcha


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