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Christmas Colours

Forget the gold and silver sparkles, Christmas is all about the reds, greens, and whites! “Theme” up this festive season in a non-tacky way, and we’re here to help you with that.

We’re not asking you to ditch your everyday blacks or your favourite neutrals, but express the holiday season by popping on those Christmas shades through your accessories to spread the festive cheer.


BERING Max Rene 15531-800 Women’s Watch     Daniel Wellington Classic 40 Warwick Rose Gold

The Brits might have known green has the colour of envy, while the Chinese hold a more auspicious significance to it, but one thing’s certain – it’s not hard to pull of the colour green. Simple yet classy, these forest green watches are a snug fit for any type of occasion, no less a Christmas party!

Blending in the modern shade of navy perfectly with burgundy red, these Daniel Wellington minimalistic timepieces are not only the go-to fashion piece this Christmas, but also suitable for your everyday-wear.

What could go wrong with white? Known for their sophisticated monochrome designs, these classic white timepieces are versatile and make the perfect accompaniment for any look you’re wearing this holiday season.

Get your shade of Christmas now at COCOMI.