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Ceramic Edit

Inspired by luminous blue glaciers and snowy white ice mountains, BERING timepieces are known for their classic and minimalistic design sensibilities.

Over years of innovation, BERING has launched an extensive line of watches for both male and female alike, with the Ceramic Collection as a timeless bestseller. Not convinced? Here’s three reasons why:


1. Ultra-durable

BERING watches are crafted using high-tech ceramic that is both heat-resistant and anti-allergic. Pressing fine ceramic powder into a mould to achieve extreme density and toughness, it is subsequently heated at 1600 degree and sanded, shaped and polished, before cooling into an ultra-durable form. Scientists have tested the strength of high-tech ceramic – the substance is so strong that only a diamond can finish it! Don’t be fooled by their seemingly delicate exteriors, because these timepieces pack a punch.


BERING Ceramic 11438-754 Women’s Watch


2. As Good As New

Your BERING watch is built to last a lifetime. Enhanced with a permanent hydrophobic coating for maximum waterproof capabilities, you’ll never have to worry about tarnishing your BERING watches even when you take it to shower or the gym. Even better – scratch proof and resistant to temperature change, slap on your BERING watch before heading off to your next big adventure!


BERING Ceramic 10725-999 Women’s Watch


3. Feather-light

Thin and lightweight, BERING ceramic watches are also bound by a ceramic link with a “smooth touch” surface. So comfortable on your wrists, you might even forget that you’re wearing a watch!


BERING Ceramic 11429-746 Women’s Watch


Ready for this bestselling collection? Shop the Ceramic Collection on COCOMI now: